MaSC Terms and Conditions

Application to attend is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. Failure or refusal to comply with the Project terms and conditions may result in the attendee being refused attendance.

​The following definitions are used throughout these Terms and Conditions:

MaSC Project refers to the European Union Mass Shelter Capability Project.

The MaSC Project Team refers to Northamptonshire County Council as the project lead authority, project partners, approved contractors and other service providers appointed for the purpose of the Project.

Residential Delegate refers to a delegate who will be residing at the workshop location for the purpose of the MaSC workshop. 

Day Delegate refers to a delegate who will be attending the workshop on a daily basis for the scheduled daytime programme.

Attendance and payment


​Procedure for booking to attend the project workshops can be found on this website.

In the majority of cases all project related correspondence will be made by email.

Nominated delegates should receive an acknowledgement on receipt of their form.  Nominated delegates will receive confirmation of their attendance following consideration of their application by the Project Director. 

Any delegate not receiving relevant information should contact us by email to

It is the responsibility of attendees to ensure the MaSC Project Team hold the correct e-mail address and contact telephone number.  The MaSC Project Team will not be responsible for attendees who do not receive documents due to inaccurate contact information.


​Applicants will receive acknowledgement of their application on receipt of their nomination.

The Project Director will consider each nomination and notify the applicant of the review outcome including the details of the basis for attendance.


​Costs of attending the project workshops for self funded attendees can be found on this website.

The MaSC Project Team reserves the right to adjust workshop prices without prior notice where currency fluctuations or other changes beyond our control affect costs incurred by the project.  Bookings received to the time of the adjustment will be honoured at the price available at the time they were received.

A number of project funded places are available for suitably qualified and experienced attendees.  These will be allocated at the discretion of the Project Director.  Project funded places include the costs of accommodation, workshop attendance and travel as determined by the project for residential delegates or workshop attendance for day delegates.

Further details can be found in the relevant sections below and are issued to attendees following acceptance of their place.

Discounted fees

​A 10% discount will be applied for delegates applying to attend all three workshops.

The discount will not apply in the event of a delegate needing to cancel their attendance at one or more workshops once the multiple booking discount has been applied.  The full attendance fee will then be chargeable.  Fees are subject to the cancellation policy. Please refer to the relevant section below for further information.


​Bookings for self-funded delegates must be paid in full to guarantee registration.

Payment by credit or debit card can be made by completing the online Delegate Booking and Payment Form.

Self funding delegates will be allocated a place on a first-come, first-served basis subject to availability.

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Accommodation and subsistence


​Accommodation during the workshop will be arranged for project funded residential attendees. In some circumstances the MaSC Project Team may be able to arrange a discounted accommodation package for self-funding delegates.  For further details please email

Attendees will be advised of the provisional dates, workshop venue and accommodation that is provided on receipt of their booking.  This may be subject to change once travel arrangements are known.

Project funded residential delegates will be accommodated in the venue(s) identified for the project purposes.

Alternative accommodation for project funded residential delegates will not be provided.  Attendees wishing to stay in alternative the accommodation for the duration of the workshop should email to advise of their intentions.  Delegates will be required to make their own arrangements and will be liable for any costs incurred.  Any incurred expenditure as a result of any late notification or cancellation of accommodation may be charged to the delegate.

Any special requirements should be detailed on the Delegate Information Form and are subject to availability.  Endeavours will be made to accommodate any reasonable requests that are received.

Accommodation will be on a single occupancy basis.  Any delegates wishing to share a room should inform us at the time of booking.

The conditions of accommodation will be detailed in the information provided to project funded attendees.  The attendee will be responsible for settling the charge for any additional services, meals, beverages, etc not detailed as being included under the project with the provider prior to their departure.  The MaSC Project Team will not be liable for any additional charges incurred by attendees.

Attendees will be advised of the arrangements for meals and beverages on receipt of their booking. 

Specific dietary requirements should be detailed on the Delegate Information Form.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the requirements. 

The MaSC Project Team cannot guarantee to accommodate any dietary needs which have not been advised in advance.

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Alternative travel arrangements

Project funded attendees can opt to make their own transport arrangements outside of the proposed arrangements. 

Any costs incurred will be the liability of the attendee and will not be chargeable to the project.

Passports and visas

​Attendees are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct and valid travel documents including visas to travel to the country hosting the workshops.

The MaSC Project Team will assume that attendees have no criminal record, have never been deported from a country, never been a member of a terrorist or political organisation or been banned by the country to be visited, unless advised otherwise.

It is assumed that attendees will observe the recommended check-in times and comply with the airline’s stated rules and regulations.  

The MaSC Project Team will not be liable for any costs incurred by the project as a result of the attendee failing to ensure they have the correct travel documents, non compliance with advised regulations or for failing to advise of relevant information which means the travel arrangements are unable to take place.  Any subsequent costs or fees incurred will be the liability of the attendee.

Preferred project travel options

​Economy or standard are the preferred project travel options.  Shared transport solutions will be sourced where available to help maintain efficiency.

Travel arrangement details

​Attendees will receive details of their proposed travel arrangements directly from Horncastle for the workshops in the UK and Ireland and THW for the workshop in Germany.  This will include luggage allowances, meal options, transfer details and other relevant information relating to their journey.

Information will be provided in the details provided of where queries regarding the arrangements should be made.

Travel arrangements for project funded delegates

​Travel for project funded attendees will be included as part of their funded place.  Travel arrangements will be coordinated by the relevant organisation (detailed in the relevant section above).

Attendees should detail their travel preferences on their Delegate Information Form for their travel arrangements to be coordinated.  Every effort will be made to meet the attendees preferences, however this is not always possible due to matters beyond our control including the travel providers schedules and timetables.  Attendees will be advised at the earliest opportunity of any deviation from their specified preferences.

Project funded travel will commence from the home departure airport, or, where the main form of transport is train, the nearest home mainline station. 

On arrival at the host country, project coordinated transfers to the host venue will be included for project funded attendees. 

Transport for attendees from their starting place to their assigned departure location and on return from their arrival location to their final destination will not be funded by the project.  Attendees will need to make and fund their own arrangements.

Travel for delegates who are based in the host country will not be funded by the project.  

Travel disruption advice

​Horncastle will monitor information which will or may affect travellers to the UK and Irish workshops.  Horncastle will email attendees detailing relevant information with any call to action.

Travellers to Germany will be advised by the MaSC Project Team of any known issues which may affect their scheduled arrangements.

Alternative methods of communication will be used to advise of any urgent news affecting attendees that are currently travelling or due to travel.  The likely impact of the information will be advised and where relevant appropriate action to be taken will be discussed.

Out of hours contact details will be provided to attendees in the event of urgent issues with travel arrangements being made outside of office hours or an emergency situation.

Travel documents

E-tickets will be issued wherever possible.  Delegates should ensure the MaSC Project Team hold a correct e-mail address and contact telephone number.  The MaSC Project Team will not be responsible for attendees who do not receive e-tickets due to inaccurate information.  Attendees may be liable for any costs incurred of issuing additional tickets as a result of not providing correct contact details.

The MaSC Project Team or Horncastle will not accept any responsibility for missing e-tickets or correspondence where accurate contact details have not been provided.  Costs incurred as a result of missing or reissuing of e-tickets or travel documents where correct contact details have not been advised may be recovered from the attendee.

Travel for self funding attendees

Horncastle can arrange travel for self-funded attendees on request.  Attendees will be liable to pay Horncastle directly for any bookings made.  Correspondence will be between the attendee and Horncastle.

For further details please email

Travel management (Germany workshop)

​Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) are coordinating the travel arrangements for project funded attendees for the workshop being held in Germany (February 2015).

Travel management (UK and Ireland workshops)

​Horncastle Executive Travel have been appointed to coordinate the travel arrangements for project funded attendees for the workshops being held in the UK (September 2015) and Ireland (December 2015).

Travel preferences

​All travel preferences should be detailed on the Delegate Information Form.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all reasonable preferences and requirements with the remit of the project.

Relevant information provided by the attendee will be provided to Horncastle Executive Travel to enable the travel reservation to be sourced and reserved.

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Special requirements


​Attendees should advise of any special requirements on their Delegate Information Form.

Efforts will be made to cater for any reasonable requests notified in advance.  Attendees will be advised of arrangements that have been made. 

The MaSC Project Team will not guarantee to fund any expenditure incurred as a result of any special arrangements which have been made on their behalf.

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Changes or cancellations

Change or cancellation by the attendee

​Advice of cancellation must be received in writing to .  This applies to all attendees (self funded and project funded).

Cancellation terms will be applied based on the date that the written cancellation is received.

Cancellation by a self funded attendee will be subject to the following cancellation charges:

  • 8 weeks or more prior to the first day of the workshop: 10% of the fee paid
  • 4 - 8 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop: 50% of the fee paid
  • 4 weeks or less prior to the first day of the workshop: 100% of the fee paid

The MaSC Project Team may look to recover costs incurred by the non-attendance of project funded attendees where the attendees non-attendance results in costs being incurred to the project.  This includes charges for things such as venue, travel and other costs.  The decision to recover any costs will be taken by the Project Director.

Change or cancellation by the organisers

​The MaSC Project Team reserves the right to cancel or postpone a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. In such an event, attendees will be notified as soon as possible, and alternative arrangements made. In the unlikely event of a workshop needing to be cancelled, a full refund will be made. Liability will be limited to the amount of the fee paid by the attendee.

The MaSC Project Team reserves the right to make changes to the workshop arrangements or programme without prior notice, due to circumstances beyond their control.

The MaSC Project Team is not liable for any costs or charges incurred in the event that a workshop is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.  This includes charges imposed by travel agencies, rental car companies, airlines, shuttle services, and/or hotels.

Attendees are recommended to arrange their own insurance as protection against cancellations, postponements and emergencies.


​Project funded attendees are unable to nominate a replacement to take their place if they are unable to attend.  Nominations of a suitable alternative delegate can be made by submitting the relevant online form.

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Information for speakers

​The MaSC Project may use the speaker’s name and presentation materials for promoting delegate attendance at the conference.

Speakers will be advised of the deadline for submitting their presentation and any other materials in advance.

Speakers wishing to include their organisation’s logo within the presentation should provide a high quality version in a suitable format by the deadline.

The presentation from each workshop and supplementary materials will be available after the event.

It is the speaker’s responsibility to arrange permission for reproducing any materials and acknowledge Copyright or support within their presentation or materials.

Views expressed by the speakers are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the MaSC Project Team. The MaSC Project Team cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to delegates.

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Photography and video

Recording information

​There will be professional photography and video production taking place during the workshop. Material such as stills, audio and video will be used responsibly by us and only for purposes related to the project.

By attending attendees consent that we may use any material gathered for the purpose of the MaSC Project.   Attendees who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should advise the organisers by email to prior to the event. 

Unauthorised photographic video or recording by attendees is not permitted.

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Loss and liability

Insurance information

Attendees are responsible for arranging appropriate insurance cover in connection with their travel and attendance at the MaSC Project. 

The MaSC Project Team and the host venue are not liable for damage or loss of any personal belongings.

The MaSC Project Team is not responsible for loss, liability, damage or expense due to delays or changes or any issue associated with the project.

The MaSC Project Team excludes, to the extent permitted by law, any liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance on any advice given during the workshops.

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Data protection

Use of information

​Information provided by attendees will be held by the MaSC Project Team for the purposes of the MaSC Project.  Some details may be shared with project partners and appointed contractors for the purpose of the project.  

Details will be safeguarded and will not be divulged to any other individuals or organisation or used for any other purposes other than for the purpose of the project.

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Further information

How to contact us

​If you have any queries about these Terms and Conditions, please contact:

  • Email

  • Post
    MaSC Project Team, Northamptonshire Emergency Planning Team, Northamptonshire County Council, Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DN

  • Telephone
    +44 (0) 300 126 1012
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