The European Union Mass Shelter Capability (MaSC) Project is looking at the provision of Emergency Mass Shelter with a view to improve the current understanding and capability in the provision of shelter and associated community services to those displaced by a civil emergency within a European context. 

The project aims to develop a concept of operations and effective guidance on how to put in place the facilities and services necessary to support a population that has either been displaced or otherwise made homeless by an emergency. 

As part of the project a series of interconnected workshops were scheduled between September 2015 and February 2016.  The workshops brought together experts from across Europe to explore the issues and contribute their experience to inform the work and help to develop some solutions which will then be shared through the project outcomes. 

The MaSC Project Team sits within the Northamptonshire County Council's Emergency Planning Team in the United Kingdom.  The Project Team is co-ordinating the delivery of the project in collaboration with other agencies from across the European Union.



A presentation was given during Workshop 2 to help explain how MaSC fits in to the Civil Protection Mechanism.  For further details please view: